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FreeBSD - A free operating system based on the BSD 4.4-lite release from Computer Systems Research Group at the University of California at Berkeley.

Official FreeBSD Sites:

  • FreeBSD Organization

    FreeBSD Documentation:

  • "Making the world" your own
  • Comprehensive Guide to FreeBSD
  • Fonts and FreeBSD
  • FreeBSD Boot Process
  • FreeBSD Diary - a collection of how-to entries aimed at Unix novices.
  • FreeBSD Documentation Index
  • FreeBSD Handbook
  • FreeBSD User Guide
  • FreeBSD VM System Overview
  • Installing and Using FreeBSD With Other Operating Systems
  • Installing the FreeBSD NTFS driver
  • Setting up a DHCP client on FreeBSD
  • User's Guide to FreeBSD Programming Tools

    FreeBSD USENET Groups

  • comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.announce
  • comp.unix.bsd.freebsd.misc

    FreeBSD Web Sites

  • FreeBSD Online
  • FreeBSD Rocks
  • FreeBSD Diary
  • Daemon News

    Useful FreeBSD Software Sites


    FreeBSD Projects

  • FreeBSD Home Automation
  • FreeBSD Mozilla Group
  • FreeBSD SMP
  • FreeBSD SysVR4 Emulation
  • FreeBSD USB
  • FreeBSD/ARM - 4.4 BSD for the Acorn RISC Platforms
  • IP dummynet - programmable delay, bandwidth limitation and queue size limitations on TCP traffic.
  • JDK for FreeBSD
  • Linux Threads under FreeBSD
  • New bus/device design for FreeBSD
  • NTFS Driver For FreeBSD
  • Rio (RAM I/O) - The Rio project is investigating how to implement and use reliable memory.
  • Submicrosecond timekeeping with FreeBSD
  • Vinum Volume Manager - a logical volume manager modeled after the VERITAS volume manager.

    Places to buy FreeBSD and accessories

  • The FreeBSD Mall
  • Walnut Creek CDROM
  • Cheap Bytes
  • CDROM Shop

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